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    Sevendust - Face To Face

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  5. Taking pics? With heads that close together?
This is a major L for both men

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    Sevendust - Pieces

    If this isn’t an underrated band, I don’t know what is. I was first introduced to them via Mudvayne on a tour they did together maybe…six years ago?? (Damn…) I had no clue who they were at the time and was completely blown away. They don’t make music like this anymore which makes me very sad. I’ve seen these guys live about 8 or 9 times since then. They easily fall into the Top 3 of best live shows of all time. It’s just fun every time I go and it means the world that they remember me after all these years. I know there’s always controversy when someone gets a band related tatt. When I got mine for them, it was the greatest thanks I could give them for creating a song that helps me think about my big brother. I hear 7D are hanging it up in about a year or so. Normally I’d be upset but these guys are constantly on the road and putting out albums, I’d say they deserve the retirement.

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